Indio, CA.

November 5 – 7, 2021

“Give yourself permission to
learnlaugh, and experience opulence like the queen you are!”

” It’s a place were you
can truly let your hair down
and be yourself with
no judgement

 La Tisha Brown

When was the last time that you were responsible for

When have you ever REALLY been able to take a guilt-free break just for YOU

You are a WOMAN!
You are a LEADER! 
You are the MOTIVATOR!
You are everybody’s GO-TO!

The world is NOT giving you any breaks so you HAVE to TAKE your own!  

LADIES, this event was designed SPECIFICALLY for YOU


Can You Imagine?

Imagine having all of your meals freshly prepared by a dedicated Catering Team!
Imagine having Manly Handz Massage Services!
Imagine having full access to a loving therapist whose mission is to listen and to support you!
Imagine being encouraged to relax in the jacuzzi!
Imagine having snacks delivered to you wherever you are!  
Imagine exploring your creative side with a custom Sip & Paint!
(alcohol and non/alcoholic beverages included)

Imagine having time for games and fellowship with likeminded women!
Imagine having your physical being nurtured with Yoga & Stretch Calming Exercise Lessons
Imagine learning new life skills and tips for your family’s success with less stress
Imagine having a sacred space for Prayer & Meditation without interruption!

This is what you deserve!

A Dream Cultivator Enterprises Exclusive Experience.

I’m inviting YOU to retreat with me! 

– The woman who knows that she needs a break from her busy lifestyle!
– The woman who wants to rejuvenate her super powers!
– The woman who is serious about her family thriving instead of just surviving!
– The 
woman who is ready to fellowship and connect with other like-minded women in sisterhood!

I’m La Shaunn Spivey-Angeletti and I work with women who are serious about cultivating their family’s greatest dreams. I believe that women work hard and should take healing breaks to play hard too! But that’s not usually how it goes, now does it?


 Let me guess….

You do so much for everyone else that they think it’s “easy” for you to juggle it ALL with a smile. Am I right?  

This is where my expertise comes in! I’ve created an experience for you like no other! A space for you to be waited on hand and foot, without feeling guilty. A place where you take your “super” cape off and the schedule of relaxation is designed to replenish your mind, body, and soul

stop shortchanging yourself,
you NEED this break!

weekend will deliver the royal treatment that you deserve!
Not even Calgon can take you away from your busyness like my team and I can!

So what are you waiting for? 

“Each aspect of the title will be experienced during the retreat!”
 Dr, Yvette Harris

Let me give you a peek at last year’s experience …

They were greeted by a team of pampering professionals and myself

Last summer 14 ladies came together.

They learned how to embrace
being catered to unapologetically.

They were able to release their
stress and reaffirmed their greatness.

Together, we talked, laughed, danced, and even a few tears fell. 

We were all able to truly
Reflect, Refresh, and Retreat!

This experience is for the woman who can say YES to..

YES, to having time to rest luxuriously guilt-free! 
YES, to leaving with management tools that I can use at home with my family immediately? 
 YES, to unpacking mental pressure and rejuvenating in an intimate setting!
YES, I want to learn communication skills that will allow me to grow closer to loved ones!
YES, I want to learn how to cultivate my families experience in their unique love languages! 
YES, I want to identify more opportunities that support my own dreams!
YES, I want to learn how to cultivate more guilt-free breaks for myself without sacrificing my commitments.
YES, l want to leave with a full track of Dream Cultivator Activities and support thereafter! 

This experience is NOT for the woman who says..

NO, I don’t think having a break is going to help me serve my family nor community any better. 
NO, I don’t think that my family needs support, we are perfect in every area.  
 NO, I don’t think hanging out with a bunch of like-minded woman even matters. I will talk to my friends and be good!

NO, I don’t need to get closer to anybody! What I say goes, regardless if they like it or not!
NO, I don’t think that people receive love any differently. You’re overthinking it!
NO, I don’t believe in dreams coming true, that’s for sleepers!  
NO, I don’t want to learn how to take breaks! If I want it done right, I’ve gotta do it myself!
NO, I don’t want yo’ homework, I’ll deal with it, when I deal with it!