UPCOMING bootcamp


R3 is an All-Inclusive Luxury Pamper Event that will revitalize your mind, body, and soul. You’ll experience exquisite meals by your very own culinary team, fun in the sun without lifting a finger, tools for healthier and happier lifestyles, an onsite therapist ready to take those healing dives with you, celebrity style massage services, you’ll create sisterly bonds that last a lifetime, and so much more!

Give yourself permission to learn, laugh, and experience opulence like the queen you are! (MAY 13-16, 2022)








Hello? Girl YES!

That’s right! You will have four days of opulence!

From pampering to relaxing, selfcare to a little bit of site-seeing, we have designed this experience just for YOU!!

When was the last time that you were responsible for


When have you ever REALLY been able to take a guilt-free break
just for 

You are a WOMAN!
You are a LEADER
You are the MOTIVATOR!
You are everybody’s GO-TO!

The world is NOT giving you any breaks so you HAVE to TAKE your own!  

LADIES, this event was designed SPECIFICALLY for YOU



” It’s a place were you can truly let your hair down and be yourself with no judgement.” – La Tisha Brown


“Each aspect of the title will be experienced during the retreat!” – Dr, Yvette Harris

Can You Imagine?

Imagine having all of your meals freshly prepared by a dedicated Catering Team!

Imagine having Manly Handz Massage Services!
Imagine having full access to a loving therapist whose mission is to listen and to support you!  

Imagine being encouraged to relax in the jacuzzi!
Imagine having snacks delivered to you wherever you are!
Imagine exploring your creative side with a custom Sip & Paint!
(alcohol and non/alcoholic beverages included)

Imagine having time for games and fellowship with likeminded women!
Imagine having your physical being nurtured with Zumba & Stretch Calming Exercise Lessons

Imagine learning new life skills and tips for your family’s success with less stress
Imagine having a sacred space for Prayer & Meditation without interruption!
This is what you deserve!
A Dream Cultivator Enterprises Exclusive Experience. 

Let me give you a peek at the last two years experiences 

For the past two years, ladies have come together to take a break from their busy schedules.

Each time, they were greeted by a team of pampering professionals and myself

Together we talked, laughed, danced, played, and even shared a few tears. 

They were able to release their stress and reaffirmed their greatness.